Ceramic tiles are quite common in most modern houses these days. They are simply made of clay or other inorganic materials and then hardened by oven firing then finally coated with a glaze to finish off the process. They are mostly placed on kitchen tops, bathroom floors, at the foyers, or any other areas that may receive high foot traffic, where there is high wear and tear area. But for houses that are situated in warmer climate regions, you may have them in their living rooms as well as the bedrooms.

Just off, these tiles can work for any room per se. Additionally they are very stylish and can blend pretty much into any environment easily. They have a sturdy surface that does not attract dirt, pollen, dust, or any other allergens. Even in windy environments, when these particles land on these ceramic tiles, they stand out clearly and that makes it easy for cleaning purposes. However, on the negative side, this flooring can also come with some drawbacks, like during installation, it is hard for a Do-It-Yourself person, as this might need some experience during installing them.





Please read on to learn more about these tiles and whether they are worth your money in the long run.

How Much Does Ceramic Tile Cost in terms of pricing?

Well, when it comes the total cost, it may depend on many factors like your room’s size and shape and contour. However, an expert may say that this kind of flooring can cost a bit but it sure is affordable if you compare it to other options. So, if are on a tight budget, you may try these ceramic tiles with a DIY installation option, and with this combination, the cost may start at approximately $5 to $5.50 per square foot.

However, if you move on to a better design and with a professional installer doing the installation, the cost would be much higher than a hardwood flooring. According to the National Industry Statistics, a professional installing these tiles can cost between $15 per square foot – $60 per square foot.

What About Ceramic Tile Maintenance?

That is easy, for this kind of tiles it is easy to care for flooring especially since these tiles are glazed but since they have a hardened layer that makes it resistance to any kind of staining and water-resistant. That’s why these tiles are much preferred in wet areas such as bathrooms or laundry rooms. Mopping or wiping them is super easy and it involves less work.

As for maintenance you could sweep or vacuum regularly using a soft brush attachment to remove loose debris and dirt. In case of set-in stains, one can use any heavy-duty cleaner comfortably on these tiles. Most ceramic tiles are often glazed and are suitable for easy maintenance. However, if there are unglazed ones like the traditional Saltillo tiles. For these, you may consider sealing them to protect their surface from stains or liquids. Also, note that the grout in between the tiles should be regularly sealed to protect it from moisture and stains for all types of tiles.

Ceramic tiles when installed properly can last for many years. They are strong hence won’t crack easily unless the impact is severe. Plus, replacing this tile is very simple and easy.

How to Select the Best Type of Ceramic Tile?

There are many options when choosing a tile for any flooring. But please do note that the tiles’ color and style will very likely impact the overall look of your room. Lighter colors tend to easily stain so please reserve them for rooms that don’t get high foot traffic. Also, choose tiles with texturing for rooms that get wet frequently like kitchens. Additionally, since not all ceramic tiles are created the same, consider the brand. But do remember a branded tile will cost you slightly higher. You will get better service with tiles with a reputable brand.

Pros of Ceramic Tiles

  • Very durable
  • Come in various styles and colors
  • Not allergenic
  • Easy to maintain and keep out moisture

Cons of Ceramic Tiles

  • Installing them is very difficult and very time-consuming
  • Tiles are very heavy
  • Can be cold at times
  • Underfoot is heavy

My Final Thoughts

Ceramic tiles are an excellent flooring option. However, they are easy to clean and much durable. Also, while they can be uncomfortable to stand on since ceramic is hard, adding a padded under-layer may help soften the impact. If you don’t mind the labor that comes with a Do-It-Yourself installation of these tiles, then you may consider having them in your BGV house strongly.

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